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Digital solutions that support patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) mainly track, display, and share heart signals collected by connected devices (e.g., smartwatch, sensors, stethoscope). Additionally, data analysis and interpretation as well as behaviour change support is frequently offered.

The market is currently hardware driven. Tech companies have integrated EKG sensors into their connected devices, bringing 1-12 lead EKG reading capabilities to the masses such as EKO, AliveCor, iRhythm and Qompium.

The addressable market is big. More than 500 million patients are affected by cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the highest cost drivers in healthcare worldwide.


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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. 80% of cardiovascular diseases can be averted by addressing behaviour risk factors as early as possible.

There are thousands of patient-centred digital health solutions that support patients with CVDs and their HCPs worldwide. Solutions track heart signals with the help of sensors, support the initial diagnosis, help prevent deterioration of patient’s health condition, support a better lifestyle (e.g., quit smoking, stop unhealthy eating habits) or provide mental health support for e.g., stroke patients.

A digital CVD solution typically connects to an EKG sensor and a mobile app/webapp providing an HCP dashboard or a data sharing feature, behaviour change features and coaching services.

A minor share of solutions is classified as regulated and approved medical devices.

Clinical evidence mainly demonstrates accuracy of sensor readings. Some show cost savings.

Sensor companies mainly focus on device sales as their main source of income, whereas a growing number of CVD service providers like Biofourmis have started to build software, service and/or device subscription bundles allowing monetization strategies based on remote consultation and monitoring services.

Top solutions have millions of downloads and users showing a large interest and demand for CVD solutions worldwide.

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