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Where Do the Investments Go in the Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Market?

Jun 01,2023

DTx investments peaked at $3B+ in 2021, normalizing in 2022. Four therapy areas secured $500M+ funding since 2021. One disease area emerged as the investment leader.


More Than 300 Partnerships in Digital Oncology Market Since 2014, What Are the Main Areas?

May 05,2023

The number of partnerships in the digital oncology market reached to more than 80 deals in 2022. There are four main partnership areas. One area stands out as the most targeted.


What Drives the Partnerships in the Digital Therapeutics Market?

May 03,2023

Digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions market keeps evolving and developing, and partnerships play a key role in that. What are the purposes behind these partnerships in the DTx market?


4 Strategies to Build a Successful Business in the Competitive Digital Diabetes Market

May 03,2023

Competing in a mature digital health market like diabetes is no small feat. There are four main strategies to grow a digital diabetes solution business.


What are the 4 Obstacles in Automated Insulin Delivery Systems (AID)?

Apr 06,2023

The interest for the Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) systems is increasing. The major competitors are making moves to close partnership deals for AID. However, there are at least 4 obstacles that they must overcome to grow their AID business and set themselves apart.


4 Ways to Increase the Adoption Rates of AI-Backed Digital Oncology Solutions

Apr 05,2023

Artificial intelligence is innovating the standards in cancer treatment, and the investments keep flowing for those solutions leveraging AI in oncology. However, the adoption rate of these solutions is still questionable. There are at least 4 ways to increase adoption.


The 5 Main Obstacles that Slow Down Market Success of DTx Solutions

Apr 04,2023

DTx solutions have raised significant awareness and funding over the last few years. Still, business and population health impact are limited. To unlock the full potential of DTx solutions, 5 main obstacles must be overcome.

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