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Allis Health at Frontiers Health 2023

Dec 06,2023

Interview with Ralf Jahns, MD of Research2Guidance & Susanne Gruber, Allis Health’s DTx channel Ambassador


At this year’s Frontiers Health, one of the most prominent global digital health innovation events, Allis.Health, a global digital health analyst platform, garnered attention with its panel discussion on “How to Successfully Manage a Digital Health Business: Monitoring, Organization, and Partnerships.” In an interview with Nicole Raleigh, Web Editor for Pharmaphorum, Ralf Jahns, MD of Research2Guidance (the company behind Allis.Health), and Susanne Gruber, Global Healthcare Advisor & Allis.Health’s DTx channel Ambassador, delved into the intricacies of the platform and what sets it apart in the market.

Highlights from the interview:

Allis Health Core

In the evolving landscape of digital health innovation, Allis Health is designed as a global digital health analyst platform, focusing on practical, data-driven market intelligence.

  • Ongoing Market & Competitor Monitoring: The dynamic platform serves as a catalyst for continuous market and competitor monitoring, providing actionable insights to stakeholders across the globe. On Allis.Health, digital health decision makers from Pharma, Health Insurance, MedTech, Investors and Startups can discover facts and expert perspectives beyond partnerships and funding.
  • Channels & Distinct Market Segments: Channels, thoughtfully tailored to represent specific market segments such as digital oncology, DTx, and digital diabetes, form the foundation of Allis.Health. This strategic approach mirrors the evolving nature of the digital health landscape, recognizing the emergence of distinct niches with unique characteristics. Digital health is no longer a singular entity; Allis Health tailors its services to cater to the diverse needs of market players and newcomers within each segment.
  • Expertise: Going beyond the conventional approach of merely presenting news and data, Allis Health distinguishes itself by curating information through a lens of expertise. A dedicated team of analysts and ambassadors sifts through the noise, interpreting data, and commenting on the insights that matter to the market. This curated approach, coupled with context-specific intelligence, like Analyst Deep Dive Notes, enables users to connect the dots and gain a deeper understanding of the nuanced landscapes within each niche of the digital health landscape.

The role of Ambassadors

Drawing from extensive experience launching digital therapeutics globally, Susanne highlighted the challenge of navigating through the deluge of digital therapeutics news. As an ambassador, she plays a pivotal role in providing context and enhancing the value of news by connecting it to broader industry trends and company landscapes. Ambassadors contribute significantly to curating, interpreting, and contextualizing data, ensuring users receive insights that go beyond raw information.

Future Outlook: Expanding Channels for Greater Impact

Looking ahead, Ralf shared exciting plans for Allis.Health's growth. The platform is set to introduce new channels, including digital mental health, AI drug discovery, and digital supporter clinical trials. This expansion aims to cater to a broader spectrum of digital health enthusiasts, providing them with comprehensive market and competitor monitoring.

To learn more about Allis.Health we invite you to watch the interview with Ralf and Susanne. Enjoy!

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